Thematic Areas

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Low Carbon Green Growth Roadmap

The next session (6 weeks) will begin on November 7th - December 16th, 2016. The concept of Green Growth emerged in the Asia-Pacific region to turn resource constraints and the climate crisis into an economic opportunity that generates a double dividend.

Shifting Towards Water-Resilient Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities

Sustainable, livable cities are the way forward for the future of Asia-Pacific. The 2030 Agenda implementation urges to advance urban SDG with other SDGs, related to resilience of water infrastructure to climate change.

Integration of the SDGs into the National Planning

This course was developed to support policy makers and sustainable development practitioners in developing strategies.

Resource Efficiency

This course introduces the key concepts of Resource Efficiency, how to measure it, and why it is important in the context of sustainable development, as well as policy pathways for promoting Resource Efficiency with a focus on Asia and the Pacific.