6th Session - Module 2

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SDG Helpdesk Team
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In Module 2 you were introduced to the Kumu mapping software. For this exercise we will identify and map out the relationship between SDG targets related to a real-life case study.

The case study can be found here: https://sdghelpdesk.unescap.org/technical-assistance/best-practices/green-growth-zero-baht-shop

1) Check out this short video to get you started with Kumu and the exercise: https://bit.ly/2SctrCh

2) Start mapping the system diagram ( See Guideline at https://docs.kumu.io/ )

3) Share the link of the map while you develop it. When the map is finalized, add a description of the map. Please reveal the strengths and gaps, if any, existing in the relative national institutional framework in achieving that particular target.

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